Welcome to my Blog!

Here you will find a casual discussion of everything music related. This is a unhindered discussion of music that will, hopefully, traverse all roads that are presented.

Feel free to join in on the discussions for each article because only through discussions and reexamining our positions will we find growth. If you do choose to comment, though, please be polite, courteous, and constructive; nothing is added to a discussion when you are not.

I have tried to organize this site through different categories topics of discussion. You will find these categories/themes in the bottom navigation menu. Or, you can feel free to just click over to the posts page, via the top navigation menu, to start reading everything that has been said starting with newest articles first.

Everything you find in the “Musicianship” category will include¬†discussions on the topic of improving one’s musicianship and how to become a better musician. This will also open the floor to the idea of what musicianship is, how to quantify one’s progression along their improvement, and how significant some aspects of it’s umbrella of skills are really important for the various levels of musician.

In the “Practice” category, you’ll find everything regarding practicing will be discussed here. Be prepared to discuss techniques, strategies, etude books, and anything else that comes up regarding improving that one-on-one time that we spend with ourselves and our instruments.

And, finally, the “Performing” category will house a¬†discussion of everything performance related: “what counts as performance?”; “how can one better his/her pre-performance ritual and preparation to decrease anxiety and increase confidence?”; and “what is the point of performing?” are all questions that I hope to tackle and discuss here. This section will also include discussions on auditioning because I believe these are some of the most difficult performances one can do.

There is a chance that other, more specific, tags and categories will be created to better organize each discussion, but they will all ultimately be tied back to one of these three main areas.

by Robert